Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Money Saving Monday- Week 7

So this week was AWESOME, almost too AWESOME! I have practically been consumed with couponing this week. Giant Eagle was packed with deals- almost so much that I've been a little overwhelmed with posting all my finds! And then comes, CVS...oh.my.CVS! I have a love-hate relationship with CVS. Usually at the beginning of each year, I get on a couponing kick and decide to step it up a notch and start getting back into the swing of things with CVS. 2013 hasn't disappointed, I find myself spending lots of time at CVS. Almost TOO MUCH TIME and TOO MUCH TIME = burnout. So while I am going to continue snatching up some CVS deals, I'm gonna take it slow. Slow is good!


On to my weekly Giant Eagle stockup.

I didn't stay within my $15.00 budget this week.  The deals were plentiful and I figured that I've done great on the past weeks to allow for a splurge this week.  I spent almost $25.00 for all of the above.

I snatched up 5 bottles of Red Hot Sweet Chili sauce....AKA "Mommy Sauce" as my 4 year old calls it. This is indeed the greatest creation and this mommy sure does love it. My favorite taco sauce!

I got 4 cans of Hormel (no beans- the hubs HATES beans!) on the cheap!

 These 4 chex mix and 2 rolls of Bounty Basics were free...yup you heard that right- FREE. 

2 bags of Ludens, 10 tubes of Blistex, 2 Reach toothbrushes, 4 dental floss, and 2 Cover Girl Mascara all for about $7.50.

6 boxes of cereal for under $5.00. The Peanut Butter Toast Crunch is AWESOME- my little ones loved it too!

My boys love GO-Gurt! Anytime it is on sale I stock up, and usually have a few boxes in the freezer too! The Yoplait light yogurt is for me, and I love taking it to work for a quick breakfast.

Didn't I do great this week? I was pretty happy. I'm heading back to hit the last day of the Giant Eagle sale tomorrow. I'm gonna get a few more chili's and some more free chex mix! 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Holy cow!! This totally inspires me to start couponing asap!! I really want to get into it - I can't believe all of the deals you got!