Saturday, January 26, 2013

Homework made easy

Having a busy family of 5, including 3 kiddos with big age gaps, means lots of different activities and tons of homework. Without some sort of organization homework would never get done, supplies would be spread throughout the house, and important paperwork would more than likely end up in the trash. To stop all the chaos I created a homework drawer right in the busiest part of our home- the kitchen. About a year ago, I picked one of the biggest kitchen drawers I had and then went to town creating the perfect space. Throughout the year this drawer has worked AMAZING- I've changed things up a little along the way and now it functions perfectly for this busy family. Take a peek.

Our daughter is a freshman in highschool, our middle son is in 1st grade, and youngest is in pre-school. They are learning everything from Alegbra to simple math, visual design to coloring with crayons. This drawer multi-tasks perfectly for each age group. I try to maintain an afterschool schedule for the kids, which includes incorporating quiet time. Quiet time = Homework time. Our quiet time happens right at the kitchen table, lasts about an hour, and usually falls right at the time of meal prep so this mama can be nearby to help with any homework questions.

I purchased two different size plastic cutlery organizers from Ikea. I paid roughly $5.00 for these guys. The larger organizer I used as is, the other I added some removable organizers to. I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. school supplies, so during the back to school sales that take place July-August I stock up for the year. I went to my school supply stash and filled the organizer with everything needed to make completing homework a breeze. I then took out my handy labeler, which is also housed in the homework drawer, and labeled each bin. Everything has its own space, so everything stays organized.
I added colored pencils and crayons to the removable organizers, this way the kids can just grab the whole organizer and bring it to the kitchen table. Once quiet time is over, the organizers fit right back into the Ikea organizer, and life is good.
I created a blank paper binder, which holds extra loose leaf paper (wide and college ruled), handwriting practice paper for my little one, and a stack of blank printer paper for drawing and coloring. My little guy rarely has pre-school homework, so he spend quiet time coloring in the coloring books that are stashed in the front flap of the binder, working on worksheets I've printed online, or just creating artwork with crayons and stickers. I have found lots of printable worksheets on Pinterest. Check out my Learning board for some of my favorite websites, and make sure to follow me as well.

I added 4 folders to house all the paperwork that comes through the door. Each kid has their own folder, and mommy and daddy share one as well. This has worked perfectly to contain all of the paper clutter that comes in the house.

When quiet time is over, everything goes back into the drawer and the drawer is closed for the night. And our house stays perfectly cleaned and organized. A mom can dream, right?




  1. Perfect timing! I'm getting ready to move all our homework supplies & this is just the inspiration I needed! I will definitely be pinning this & using some of your ideas!

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Perfect! I've been looking for a good solution to the dining room table chaos of homework, drawing supplies

  4. This is just wonderful! I have a friend that did something similar and it has worked so great for her family! Love!