Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweet 7th Birthday- Baseball Style

My love for cleaning, organizing, and decorating expands into party planning and entertaining. Having three kiddos means that birthday parties are a must, and planning a memorable party is top priority. I start brainstorming ideas months in advance and search pinterest for all sorts of inspiration. Both of our boys love sports, so a sports themed party was perfect for our soon to be 7 year olds party. Months of planning, a sports extravaganza filled Sunday, and before we knew it, the party had come and gone with the blink of an eye. Memories were made, presents were opened, and our bellies were filled!
Welcome to Foss Field!


We started the party by opening up our concession stand for everyone to enjoy! Our menu was filled with all sorts of ball park goodies. Foiled wrapped hotdogs complete with toppings of your choice- ketchup, stadium mustard, yellow mustard, and sweet relish. Salty soft pretzels, bags and bags of assorted chips. And cheesy/ salsa nachos complete in plastic nacho trays. I made a concession stand sign out of an old picture turned chalkboard which added the final touch to our stand.
Our tablescape was quick, cheap, and painless. I found sports themed plates, cups, and napkins at Dollar Tree of all places. I placed a plate, napkin, cup, and utensils at each seat, and topped it off with a plastic popcorn container found in the dollar bins at Target. The rest of our table decor consisted of a cupcake stand filled with baseball styled cupcakes, and plates of cookies and chocolate dipped oreos.

One of the biggest hits at our party was the popcorn stand. The kiddos and adults munched on handfuls of freshly popped popcorn while Carter tore into his presents. The mountains of gifts consisted of legos, games, art supplies, clothes, a drum set, and of course Carter's favorite- CASH! Straight to his savings account that went. Carter was blessed with so many great gifts!
We had loads of games and prizes and a candy filled pinata. Everyone went home with a plastic baseball/bat, gold medal, hand clapper, and oodles of candy. Before everyone headed home we had them sign Carter's Birthday Ball. I've got special plans for this ball in the near future!
Our guy had a GREAT birthday!!

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