Thursday, December 20, 2012

Batteries Organized- Yes Please!!

A couple nights ago as I cozied up on the couch, wrapped myself in a comfy blanket, plopped the laptop on my lap, and reached for my tv remote the worst thing happened. NO BATTERIES! No batteries= No Days of our Lives and No Days of our Lives means one unhappy momma! (I'm a Days lover- dont judge!) You see, my handsome little boys love to take the batteries out of evvveerrythinnnggg! Swapping them from remote to remote, losing a few here and there, and just plain driving their momma nutty! I had enough! We needed batteries and I needed an organization system. My brain went into overdrive and I came up with a plan. Couldn't wait to head to the store the following day to get everything I needed!

I first headed to our local craft store- Pat Catans. LOVE.THAT.PLACE. I could setup a tent and spend the rest of my life there...and live...HAPPILY...EVER...AFTER! After walking up and down the aisles that were filled with too many perfect solutions I settled on this:

A great buy at only $3.47.

I loved the different compartments, and slightly taller height than the other organizers had. I knew this would be perfect for the battery organization that was about to go down.

Afterwards I headed right next door to Dollar Tree. I picked up 8 packs of assorted batteries. I purchase this brand of batteries all the time and never have any issue. Perfectly inexpensive should any little fingers lose them.

I brought all of my goodies home and gathered my label maker. Let the battery organizing begin!

I seperated the different sizes of batteries in the dividers. Printed out the different labels and placed them directly onto the plastic above each bin. From start to finish this project took 10 minutes and about $12.00 to complete.

All done!! I've got the perfect space for this box of soon as get the front closet organized ;) to clean!
Stop back tomorrow to check out how I organize my coupon binder.


  1. this is so much better than what i've got, lol. maybe i should go this route. thanks for sharing, and happy holidays!

    1. I love it- should have gone this route a LONG time ago!! Happy Holidays to you too!!

  2. This is great! I need to do this soon. We're always hunting for batteries around here.